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Happy Au PairMany of today's households find themselves in the same predicament - a precious family to raise but a salary to earn at the same time. The combination of these two elements should be simple, but in reality, for this formula to work, a great deal of 'time juggling' and stressful forward-planning of military precision is always required.


Whilst some are lucky enough to have relatives such as grandparents who are able to help out with childcare arrangements, others are not so fortunate and all too often this means a large proportion of their earnings are paid straight back to the childcare provider before they've even hit the bank account!

Immediate Financial Benefits!!

Happy Au Pair In addition to the tangible benefits listed above, an Au Pair can also bring with them the opportunity for both parents and children to experience different spoken languages and discover, on a day-to-day basis, cultural diversity. A unique learning experience for the family, as well as the Au Pair. All this, at a cost considerably less than most traditional day care alternatives.

The financial benefits are immediately obvious when you consider the high cost of Nursery charges; an Au Pair can provide up to 30 hours per week of flexible help with the children and the house with costs from £85. Not only will this lighten the burden considerably for working parents, it also offers the adults a chance to spend some quality time together (one evening per week) when they can relax knowing that they have left their children in the hands of a capable babysitter who is familiar with their children’s ways and routines.

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