Prestige Au Pairs Terms and Conditions

** These Terms and Conditions apply to Au Pairs, Mother's Helps, Mini Mother's Helps, Housekeepers and Au Pair Couples and any other overseas Home Helper. The term "Applicant" is used to refer to a candidate for engagement by the Client or Family inroduced by Prestige Au Pairs.

  1. The request by a Client to Prestige Au Pairs to supply details of applicants shall be deemed to be acceptance of Prestige Au Pair’s Terms and Conditions and acceptance of Prestige Au Pairs Privacy Policy as well as ALL guidelines on Applicant Placements.
  2. Prestige Au Pairs acts as an Agent for the purpose of effecting introductions between Clients and Applicants and the fees to the Agency are for introduction only. Prestige Au Pairs is an Intermediary Agency and at no point and no time employ any applicants either directly or indirectly.
  3. Applicants come to the UK to improve their level of English and must therefore be given free time to pursue English classes. They are not employees or domestic servants. The Applicant is not at any time directly/indirectly employed by Prestige Au Pairs.
  4. Prestige Au Pairs will endeavour to introduce suitable applicants as applicants. Although Prestige Au Pairs takes every care to check the applicant’s details, the agency operates purely as an introductory service and it is the responsibility of the Client to be satisfied as to the suitability of the applicant and this includes an applicant’s level of English
  5. Prestige Au Pairs fees become payable on acceptance of an applicant. All fees MUST be paid BEFORE flights are booked and upon acceptance of the Letter of Invitation (LOI). They must be paid prior to the arrival of an applicant.
  6. In the event of cancellation by, or non-arrival of the applicant, Prestige Au Pairs will make it a priority to find a replacement.
  7. If the applicant leaves the family within the first 28 days or the family decides the Applicant is not suitable within the first 28 days, then one free of charge replacement will be offered. Such free replacements will only be made if the agency is advised within the first 28 days in writing and providing the conditions specified by the Home Office regarding hours of work, treatments etc. have been followed. There will be NO REFUND on short term placements (between one and three months). Free replacements must be taken up within 14 days of the offer otherwise this is not applicable. If the Client decides FOR WHATEVER REASON, not to accept the replacement no refund will be due to the Client. If a Client finds an applicant from an alternative source, within the 14 days no refund will be given. Replacements will only be made provided the client notifies Prestige Au Pairs in writing within five days of termination of placement and Prestige Au Pairs invoice has been paid in full within seven days of the invoice date.
  8. If the Applicant stays longer than 28 days from the agreed start date of the engagement, the engagement is regarded as satisfactory and Prestige Au Pairs shall have fulfilled its obligations.
  9. If the Client cancels an engagement after it has been confirmed there will be no refund of the placement fee. However Prestige Au Pairs will in most circumstances hold a credit on file for the placement fee for any time in the future when an Applicant is required provided that all the conditions and terms of an Applicant Placement had been followed and no expense has been made by the Applicant.
  10. No Replacements will be provided if the following has taken place:
    • If the Applicant complains of any form of abuse, misconduct or mistreatment by the Client, their acquaintances or friends
    • On placements of between 1 and 3 months
    • If the introduction fee has not been paid in full
    • If you withhold pocket money from the Applicant or stop them using amenities they are entitled to use
    • If the Applicant asks to leave because you have asked them to complete activities they had not agreed to prior to arrival, not paid for or not requested in the application
    • If hours the Applicant is requested to work are radically different to those agreed in the Offer Letter
    • If the accommodation or living conditions are not of satisfactory standard.
  11. Prestige Au Pairs cannot be held responsible should the Applicant stay for a shorter period than agreed with the Client and no money refunds will be given.
  12. Once the applicant has arrived to stay in the family, it shall be agreed that termination must be by two weeks notice by either party. In the event of serious misconduct by one of the parties, the other party shall be entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect provided that, should the misconduct be on the part of the applicant, the Client shall be responsible for providing appropriate accommodation for a period of four days from the date of termination.
  13. If an Applicant complains of any form of abuse or mistreatment and leaves a family immediately as a result, you will be liable for any costs they incur in getting home safely. This may be flight amendments, language school costs or emergency overnight accommodation.
  14. Prestige Au Pairs pledge is to do everything possible to ensure the best service for our clients. However, Prestige Au Pairs cannot under any circumstances accept responsibility for the acts or omission of the Applicants introduced by us nor for any loss, expense or damages which might arise for any reason whatsoever.
  15. Au Pairs must be paid a minimum of £75 per week pocket money for 25 hours, £90 a week for 30 hours and £3.50 minimum extra for every hour over 30 hours. Please remember these are minimums. Other applicants' money will be discussed and agreed on application form and subsequently in the Letter of Invitation (LOI).
  16. The Family should allow their Applicant to take 28 days paid holiday per year, including Public (bank) Holidays, allowing the Applicant to go home to visit their family if they wish. For placements less than a year, this should be calculated on a pro-rata basis of 1.66 days per month. When the holidays are to be taken should be agreed by discussion between the Family and the Applicant and they should continue to receive Pocket Money during their holidays.
  17. All information provided to Clients is confidential. Clients directly or indirectly transferring information supplied by the Agency and resulting in the engagement of an applicant by a third party will be liable to pay the full fee for that engagement.
  18. If a driving Applicant is requested and supplied, Prestige Au Pairs will endeavour to find such an applicant and will ensure they have a current driving licence for their country. Prestige Au Pairs CANNOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be held responsible or accountable for an Applicant's driving ability. Furthermore, we STRONGLY advise you organise an independent assessment and professional lessons for the Applicant – before they are allowed out on their own. An Applicant who holds a full licence and fails to meet the standards expected by a family will not constitute a reason for placement refund or replacement. You MUST take out fully comprehensive insurance for a driving Applicant as neither the Applicant nor Prestige Au Pairs can be held responsible for any costs incurred due to an accident in ANY circumstances. It is a host family’s responsibility to ensure the Applicant is fully and comprehensively insured to drive the family car. This can be expensive so please be aware of costs BEFORE requesting a driving candidate.
  19. Applicants should have at least two full free days per week. Not less than two such free days in every month shall be consecutive days at a weekend even if this is not the norm..
  20. If the Applicant is ill the Host Family will continue to provide them with accommodation and food until such time as other arrangements can be made for their care or until they are well enough to continue with their duties.
  21. Au Pairs must not have sole charge of an Under 2.
  22. Applicants should be allowed to live as one of the family (not as hired help) and should be given the opportunity to participate in family life. They must have their own private room within the residence, such room to have adequate heating and studying facilities. The applicant must be given complete privacy in their room.
  23. Please be aware that registration is free with Prestige Au Pairs, but once we have discussed your placement and you have asked us to actively search for an applicant - if you decide to cancel the search once applicants have been sourced and suggested we reserve the right to charge a £50 admin fee to cover our time and associated costs. Please also note that if you significantly change the parameters of a role once we have discussed it initially (length of stay, type of Au Pair etc) then we reserve the right to charge the search admin fee for the initial search before starting the new search to cover our associated time and effort.
  24. The family accepts that they are responsible for complying with any relevant statutory Employment Regulations assiciated with the engagement of the applicant. For some of the applicant types this could make them an 'Employer' and the family accepts that they are responsible for understanding and meeting any requirements of an Employer under Employment Regulations.
  25. It is up to a family (in order to comply with Employment Regulations) to ensure that they pay Tax and NI for an applicant where appropriate. You must also register if your Applicant has another job, even if you pay them below the threshold. and can assist in all tax and NI matters.
  26. Prestige Au Pairs gives the above Tax guidance in good faith and it is the responsibility of the Client or family to be sure they are within the tax and employment laws and limits amounts as this changes. can help with this or
  27. Submission of an application form to Prestige Au Pairs constitutes agreement to the above terms and conditions. Furthermore, submission of an application form by either post or email constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Business and also of our Privacy Policy. Families are aware that in order to fulfil our obligations as an Au Pair Agency it is necessary to work with agencies in Europe and for them to see and be privy to the information offered on an application form. This of course contains full personal details etc of a family.
  28. Placement Fees
    • Summer Au Pair (1 - 3 months) £185.00
    • Au Pair (3 - 5 Months) £295.00
    • Au Pair (over 5 Months) £495.00
    • Mini Mother's Help £530.00
    • Mother's Help/Housekeeper £595.00
    • Au Pair Couple £695.00
    • PLEASE NOTE - We require an additional £50 fee on top of these charges if you require a driving Au Pair.

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